Collision Mesh Generator for Unity3D


Collision Mesh Generator automatically turns complex meshes into a set of convex hulls that are suitable for realtime collision detection and raycasts, even on mobile devices. Unity only supports mesh to mesh collisions if at least one mesh is convex, so this is a required step even for high end platforms.

  • A single mesh is automatically converted into convex MeshColliders with a single click
  • Helps with collision detection performance and accuracy
  • Enables sophisticated meshes on dynamic bodies and triggers
  • Wide support for different Unity versions and rendering pipelines including 2019 and beyond
  • Powered by the advanced V-HACD 2.0 algorithm
  • Runs entirely in the editor, no runtime scripting needed

The whole process is customizable including generation of collider components, mesh renderers, asset saving for prefab reuse and editing in external 3D modeling software. Full control over the decomposition settings are exposed in the advanced panel.

Compatibility: Supports 64-bit Windows Unity editors. MacOS and Linux support coming soon.

Collision Mesh Generator